Honestly, when will it end? It seems like Caramilk is the biggest development in the chocolate world of recent times.

Mainly because since it was re-released last year, Cadbury and other makers of fine snacks have not stopped crowbarring the chocolate into all other types of chocolates and foods.

And we’re not complaining at all…although that Philadelphia Cream Cheese/Caramilk cross-over may have just been taking things a step too far.

Now, it seems that Cadbury are bringing the Caramilk magic to another one of our favourite chocolate blocks. That’s according to a rumour, at least.

A user in the (bafflingly popular) Facebook Group Caramilk Addicts Club reports seeing promotional material for the Caramilk/Top Deck block out in the wild.

According to the post, the chocolate is coming to Sydney’s Redfern Convenience Store.

And while we have not got confirmation from Cadbury that it actually exists yet, we are still cautiously optimistic about this massive development.