This Sydney Tella Ball Nutella Milkshake has got the WHOLE world talking.. 

An invention that was previously only ever dreamt of, the Tella Ball shake is a Nutella milkshake topped with a Nutella doughnut. 

But wait – the straw is threaded THROUGH the nutella doughnut to allow us to drink the chocolate goodness through the doughnut!!

No wonder Australia is in a nutella shortage crisis at the moment… 

For those that don’t grace a lifestyle in the sunny suburbs of sydney, you can find and engulf the shake at Sydney cafe, Foodscraft Espresso in Erskineville,

The cafe owner, Aki Daikos told Sydney’s Good Food site: “We came up with the shake last week after trying to be creative in the kitchen. It just went mental with customers and on social media over the weekend.”

And just FYI, this crowd pleaser is considered a BREAKFAST ITEM. 

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