Turns out deep-fried foods are even more dangerous than we thought!

A recent study has revealed that vegetable oils are highly unstable, according to news.com.au; so unstable, in fact, that the toxins they release when used in cooking can cause cancer.

The news gets worse.

The more the oil is reused, the higher the number of toxins present – which means that if you don’t change your cooking oil each time, you could be putting yourself at an even higher risk.

By the fifth time the oil was used, scientists were finding five times the chemical concentration as from the first use. 

This problem is that vegetable oils like canola oil, sunflower oil, corn, safflower, grapeseed oil, rice bran and soybean oils release “neurotoxic, DNA mutating chemicals” when introduced to oxygen. 

And when these seed oils are heated to a normal cooking temperature of 180°C, they send those chemicals – which have been known to cause cancer – into the air.


Most frighteningly, researchers admitted that they could only measure was the number of the these toxins that were left in the oil, and had no way of tracking exactly how many were being released during cooking. 

Pretty much all ready-made and processed foods include one or more of these seed oils; so once again, the safest option seems to be to stick to fresh, homemade foods.

And steer clear of that deep-fat fryer, too.

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