Today in NOPE, NOPE, NOPE: A man from NSW claims he found a live, wriggling maggot inside new jar of Colway stringybark honey mustard that he had bought from Aldi.

The man claims the larvae was already inside the jar when popped it open.

The man wrote on Facebook that he thought the larvae was dead when he first saw it, but it soon started squirming around.

If you have a strong stomach, check out the video above and see for yourself.


The man complained to Aldi and said that he had heard back from the supermarket, although he added that he is still waiting for an apology and refund.

According to Daily MailAldi said the supermarket had consulted food scientist Skye Blackburn, who believed the creature to be the larvae of a pantry moth. 

We apologise if you read this story while eating…

Source: Daily Mail

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