Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s a family favourite takeaway and with endless topping options, there’s a flavour to suit the fussiest of eaters! 

However we all know that the cheesy dinner option isn’t overly healthy either.. 

BUT Napkins to the rescue! Blotting your pizza with a napkin could actually save your life! 

According to a study conducted by LabDoor Magazine, blotting your pizza with a napkin saves the average person more that 6600 calories each  year – that’s the same as 20 whole slices! 

Don’t know how to blot? Simple! Press down on your slice of pizza with a napkin before you eat it. This will get rid of any excess grease or fat pooling on top of your pizza. This simple process saves almost 5 grams of fat and more than 40 calories per slice. 

Pass me some napkins please!! 


Source: news.com.au

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