Experts are warning eating late at night is putting people in danger of heart attacks and strokes.

A late-night meal keeps the body on ‘hight alert’ when it should be winding down; researchers have found.

Experts have advised that adults should never eat within two hours of going to bed and ideally eat nothing after 7 PM.

For a healthy person, their blood pressure drops by 10 percent when they go to sleep.

However, the results of a study of more than 700 people with high blood pressure found that if they ate within 2 hours of bedtime, their levels didn’t drop.

Experts believe this is because eating releases a rush of stress hormones when the body should be relaxing.

Researcher Dr Ebru Ozpelit said ‘’If we eat late at night, the body essentially remains on high alert as during the day, rather than relaxing for sleep.


‘Stress hormones are secreted, causing blood pressure not to decrease during sleep, which should normally happen.’

Dr Özpelit, from Dokuz Eylül University in Turkey, tracked 721 on people diagnosed with high blood pressure, with an average age of 53.

Her research showed that people who ate within two hours of going to bed are likely to keep their high blood pressure.

‘It is more dangerous. If blood pressure doesn’t drop by more than 10 percent this increases cardiovascular risk, and these patients have more heart attacks, strokes and chronic disease,’ Dr Ozpelit said.

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