Brace yourselves for kids to be utterly obsessed with collecting the latest range of toys from Coles.

The supermarket chain has launched a range of miniature food items that will only be available for six weeks, starting Wednesday, July 18.

Customers will receive one Little Shop mini collectable for every $30 spent in Coles or online.

And for the grown-ups, there is a limited number of Coles Big Red Hand collectables that come with a $100 Coles gift card.

“We have designed them together with our suppliers to be miniature replicas of some of the most loved products on our supermarket shelves,” Coles Managing Director John Durkan.

“Little Shop features 30 iconic, household brands – including Vegemite, Nutella and Weet-Bix– which are shrunk down into a mini collectable for customers to collect and swap.”


“To make collecting even more fun for customers, we have a range of additional items for sale including collector cases, miniature shopping baskets and trolleys, and a miniature shop front,” he said.

“Coles will also be holding a Swap Day at selected stores across the country to help customers complete their collections.”

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