Is there a word in the English language for when someone perfectly combines two of your greatest loves?

If there is, we’re applying it to the geniuses at Woolworths who have combined their delicious roast chicken with everyone’s favourite thing: garlic bread.

Yep, a garlic bread roast chicken! Dreams do come true.

The garlic bread chooks are going for $11.50, which is a few dollars more than your standard Woolies roast chicken although we’re told that they are also a little bigger than the current roast chicken.

The garlic bread chicken is just one of a range of new ready-to-eat foods being launched by Woolies for winter, alongside a range of sourdoughs and roasts.

Woolworths director of fresh food says that the new roasts and sourdoughs are being launched for families looking for heart, convenient meals in winter.

The chicken is RSPCA approved and 100% Australian and is available at Woolworths now.



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