A change in season means a lot of different things. A change in temperature, a change in wardrobe and of course a change in the food that we eat.

While we’re the first to admit that a good, hearty casserole is one of our biggest weaknesses, it is nice to have a bit of a change as the weather heats up and we transition from winter through spring and into summer-style meals.

For a summer menu, not only do we want things that are going to be rather healthy (because, hello we constantly have to be thinking about that summer bod) but we also want something fresh, colourful, light and easy (because no one, not even Jamie freaking Oliver wants to spend hours in the kitchen when it’s sunny outside).

But instead of spending hours of your precious time thinking about recipes that you can add to your Summer menu, we’ve decided to share three of our favourites with you for this year!

You and your stomach are welcome!

Check out our top three favourite summer recipes that you MUST try this year below:

1. Smokey BBQ Cheeseburger with BBQ Mayo & Paprika Fries


Everyone loves a burger but how about a little bit of a twist on the classic dish? You can make a burger NEXT-LEVEL with the simple addition of smokey flavours.

But you won’t need to go to a restaurant to get this delicious meal! Thanks to this recipe, you can make this new and improved Cheeseburger easily from home! Chips and all!

It will only take you 40 minutes for a guaranteed entire night of satisfaction afterwards! Find out more here!

2. Chiptole Chicken Tacos

Tacos are a nice and simple, go-to meal during the week for most people, and what we love about this recipe is that it’s a fresh, colourful take on the classic that makes it instantly feel like Summer!

Filled with Chiptole chicken, bits of corn, red onions, salad leaves, avocado and sprinkled with lime juice, you can understand why these tacos are simply delicious.


This recipe will serve about 10 people and will only take you 15 minutes to cook! Find more here!

3. Satay BBQ Chicken Skewers with Crispy Noodle Salad

What’s better in Summer than a good ol’ barbeque? NOTHING, we tell you! But instead of just your regular sausage sizzle, why not try some Satay BBQ Chicken skewers!

You can either make the marinade from scratch if you’re feeling extra creative in the kitchen or buy a pre-made one from the supermarket to make things super simple.

Plus, why not add a Crunchy Noodle Salad on the side? You basically aren’t Australian if you haven’t had one of these pop up at a family BBQ! It’s fresh, delicious and literally has like five ingredients so definitely falls into the simple category.

Happy cooking everybody!


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