There’s something amazing about the way a McDonald’s coke tastes. We put it down to the combination of salty chips mixed with ice-cold drink, but it appears there’s more to it than that.

McDonalds have finally revealed the secret behind the popular thirst quencher online and it might surprise you!

According to the fast food chain the taste is down to the way the drink is chilled, its water purity and how the Coca-Cola syrup is stored. 

Unlike most fast-food giants who receive their Coke syrup in a bag, McDonalds gets its syrup inside stainless steel cylinders. This is responsible for keeping it fresh.

The machine itself is also kept very cold and McDonalds says it measures its syrup precisely to make allowances for melting ice.

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McDonalds is so cautious about the quality of its water because 85 percent of a cola drink is made up of water and the quality will affect the taste.


Lastly, the size of the McDonalds straw it also said to add to the delicious taste. McDonalds claims their straws are slightly wider than typical straws which allows the drink to hit all your tastebuds.

Well there is it… it’s official – McDonalds have the best Cokes.

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