If you’re like, well, anybody really, no doubt you love the crunch and sweet goodness of an apple pie mixed with some cool, velvety ice cream.

Mmmm mmmm.

Well, Sydney’s first personalised crumble dessert bar has just gone and opened in Sydney and I bet you didn’t even know a thing about it!!!

Founded by Gordon Ramsey’s ex sous chef, Luke Stack, you can legitimately make your own crumble at ‘Crumble Top’ in Newtown.

“Australians are sick of having to pay large amounts of money for food which looks great artistically but doesn’t satisfy the tummy,” says Luke. “Our ingredients are hearty, healthy, full of flavour and our portion sizes are huge.”


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First, you select the filling for your dessert, you have a choice of things like piping-hot cinnamon apples, or super-sweet sticky date pudding, then add your crumble, which is SO not normal.

For people who love a yummy crumble. Designer crumbles on Newtown. Day time until 10pm.

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You can pick from things like salted caramel, peanut butter and lemon myrtle.


Now all you need to do is choose the sauce and ice-cream that will complete your crumble, turning it into the most oozy, heart-warming thing you’ve had all week.

‘Crumble Top’ at 125 King Street in Newtown, NSW.

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