One of our favourite things to do at the moment is head out to a cafe for a delicious brekkie! It’s the perfect social setting for a catch up with friends, the fam or your partner…Plus our bellies don’t hate it either!

But while we love getting our smashed avo or acai bowl fix our bank accounts don’t necessarily feel the same way…

So what if we told you that a cafe is opening in Sydney and Uncle Tobys Oats have collaborated to serve you some of the most delicious breakfast menu items that you can think of and you won’t have to spend a SINGLE CENT!

Sounds farfetched but it’s legit something that’s happening! One of Sydney’s breakfast hotspots, concrete Jungle in Chippendale, is turning into the world’s first money-free cafe where instead of spending dollars on your meal, you’ll spend energy!

Intrigued? So are we! Basically the cafe is moving towards encouraging their customers to live a healthy lifestyle by allowing them to pay for their meals using the steps that they accumulate each day.


Concrete Jungle will be taking on the name Energy Exchange Cafe and will be taking steps in place of cash for meals from Tuesday 28th August until Thursday 30th from 8am-2:30pm. The way that it works is actually pretty simple!

Basically each menu item will have a corresponding step count next to it (between 3,000 and 10,000) and to purchase it all you have to do is show them your accumulated step count fro the pervious day via a smartphone app or step tracker.

Alternatively you can sign an ‘energy pledge’ telling the cafe about the steps you plan to do that day.

And what’s even better, each item you purchase will come with a FREE coffee! The delicious items on offer include: Avocado on oat toast, mixed berry hotcakes, oaty banana bread, Blue Majik smoothie bowl ad much more!


It’s all going down next week at the Concrete Jungle, 58 Kensington Street, Chippendale! So if you want to save some cash, eat something yummy and sneak in a bit of exercise too then this is the perfect cafe for you!

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