Call us old fashioned, but there are some things you shouldn’t mess with, and that includes the classic sandwich. On that note, the sanga is also a meal that shouldn’t be costing you more than $10, right?

Well, one man had a negative sandwich experience at a Sydney café and his cousin decided to share it Reddit.

Along with a photo of the overly deconstructed meal, a user named MiloXF wrote: “My cousin ordered a sandwich and received this”. 

The DIY sandwich in question featured two slices of bread, a cardboard dish  with the filling, plus a sauce and a pickle on top – and costs $17.

Fellow Redditers soon chimed in with thoughts on the OTT meal, one stating, “What the hell is the appeal of deconstructed food?”

I’m… just gonna buy the ingredients at Woolies for cheap,” another added.


The meal in question came from Sydney café Bread & Circus, and is known on the menu as a ‘Sandwich Box.’

Is this deconstructed genius or hipster foodies taking it too far? You decide.

Kiis has reached out to Bread & Circus for comment.

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