In Sydney, we’re lucky enough to have an abundance of awesome bars and restaurants and needless to say, it takes quite a lot to floor us.

So when I heard about the Bloody Mary Bar in Sydney, my ears certainly pricked up – however, it wasn’t until I spied a few Instagram posts of the incredible creations that come out of the Bloody Mary Bar – that I REALLY wanted to get there asap!

The menu boasts a collection of indulgent, totally creative items with a distinctly New York flavour to tantalise any taste buds, including jalapeno poppers, oysters, bagels and onion rings – as well as some of the best, most extravagant Bloody Mary concoctions you’ve ever clapped eyes on. (Oh – and a SPAM burger that’s actually REALLY popular!)

Picture this, your authentic Bloody Mary comes out and not only does it look delicious, it’s also framed with a prawn, some crispy bacon and an entire slider!


Yep, gone are the days when just an olive accompanied your cocktail. Oh no, Bloody Marys Sydney delivers that and much, MUCH more!

Source: Bloody Marys Sydney

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