Following the shock death of Gene Wilder last week, tributes have flowed around the world for the beloved Willy Wonka star.

In the following days the iconic movie has re-screened on TV as well as cinemas, and sales of the DVD have skyrocketed since Wilder’s shock passing.

The owners of a Sydney bar have decided that they too want to pay tribute to their childhood icon so they’ve created a Willy Wonka inspired burger!

The team at Bar Luca have come up with the Beauregard Burger made with fried potatoes, cheese, tomato soup jelly, blueberry onion jam and “Wonka sauce”…whatever that is!

And if you think you can handle wolfing down one of these badboys, they’re also hiding a ‘Golden Ticket’ which will entitle you too…we don’t know what…maybe a trip on a boat down a chocolate river?!?


Fingers crossed!

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