Guess what everyone!

It’s freezing outside, I don’t know if you’ve noticed…

And with the cold weather comes the ~only natural~ craving of warm carbs and melted cheese…


And let me just tell you, that Subway gets me.

They’ve announced the return of their ‘Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread’ but only for a limited time.

“During the colder months everyone is looking for warm, indulgent flavours and Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread provides just the right amount of comfort and flavour to satisfy that craving,” Rodica Titeica, Subway Australia Head of Marketing said.


The Cheesy Garlic Bread is being served up with a new sub, the Chicken & Pepperoni!

If that isn’t really your flavour, then don’t fret.

Customers can upgrade their own signature subs for just $1 (6″) or $2 (Ft long) to include the cheesy goodness because I know better than anyone that it’s really hard to get a loyal Subway customer to change their order.

My pizza sub with all the salads except the tomato and jalapeno took me YEARS to perfect… but the addition of a cheesy bread will only heighten it’s perfection.


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