It’s the best sauce, sorry, if you haven’t had it maybe you should.

The limited-time flavour was so damn popular in Subway’s around Australia that it sold out insanely quickly and became the brand’s most-requested sauce!

According to Subway Country Director Geoff Cockerill, “With overseas travel still off the cards, Australians are opting to travel with taste – choosing international cuisine to get their cultural fix,” with our palates going for more spicy flavours these days.

“Modern Asian, American BBQ and Mexican are leading the way, especially spicy flavours within these cuisines.”

“Spicy Mayo sauce has been carefully crafted to tantalise the tastebuds of medium-heat spice fans, rounding out Subway’s spicy sauce range.”

You can now also customize how hot your order is whether it’s a sub, salad or wrap with the new spice-wheel which creates a spectrum of hotness to choose from!





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