Cancel all your plans, because we have some exciting news and you’ll want to go to the shops immediately.

Because this is not a drill…

Our favourite ice cream Gaytime has made love with a Cornetto to produce the most-drool-worthy of desserts – the Gaynetto.

Yes, you read that right. A Gaytime in a Cornetto cone.

Just when we thought we couldn’t get any more excited than by the news that Viennetta is now available on a stick, Streets Ice Cream have done this.

Hints that the Gaynetto would be hitting the street started when Sydneysider Jesse James McElroy first shared a letter he’d received from the company.


After campaigning for his creation to become a reality, the company sent McElroy (a.k.a. the Golden Chief) a letter on Monday confirming his wildest dreams.

While we were cautiously optimistic, it wasn’t till news filtered through that some Gaynetto’s had made their way to the actual streets that we started to get excited.

And then Streets posted this and all we could think was hallelujah!

Now to excuse us as we scrounge for some change and begin the hunt for our first bite of Gaynetto goodness.


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