Well eat your god-damn heart out Melbourne! While our friends in the south are typically known for their hipster cafes and food offerings worthy of the gram, it’s actually Sydney that has just been given the biggest nod of all when it comes to unique eateries.

One cafe in the best city in the world (okay, we’re a tad bias) has been named the most ‘instagrammable’ cafe in the world!

And if you’re a foodie or wannabe influencer in Sydney, you’ve probably heard of it! It’s called Speedos Cafe and it’s located at the iconic Bondi Beach.

Speedos topped the list created by Big Seven Travel magazine which created a list of the top 50 insta worthy cafes across the world, including some eateries from places like Istanbul, Milan and LA.

And one quick glance at Speedos’ own Instagram page, you’ll understand why! Their posts for their 44,000 followers comprise of bright, vibrant colours, mouth watering foods and picture perfect views.



In fact, being instal-worthy is something they actually boast about on their website, saying that they offer “top-notch #Instagrammable food with a view to match”.

Of course, their food doesn’t just look good for a pic, but it looks absolutely delicious as well, making it the perfect stop for gram upload and a bite to eat.

“Bondi is one of the most iconic beaches in the world, so to have such an incredible place as Speedos just a short still away from the water is a real treat,” said Big Seven Travel about the establishment.

“Speedos serves some of the most beautiful food you’ll ever see – all hues of the rainbow feature on the menu. An absolute explosion of colours and a scenic waterfront location make this the most Instagrammable cafe in the world, hands down.”


After finding out about the news, Speedos posted to their own Instagram account saying, “Number 1 in the WORLD! Starting to feel a little bit famous!”

But topping the list for most ‘instagrammable’ cafe isn’t Speedos’ only touch with fame! The join has also played host to many A-list stars including Hugh Jackman, who actually took a selfie with one of their green juices!

So if you’re looking for a new cafe to try, well look no further than the number one in the world!

You can check out the cafes that made the top ten in the list below and find the full list of cafes here:


1. Speedos – Sydney, Australia
2. EL&N – London, England
3. Alfred Coffee – Los Angeles, USA
4. Note Coffee – Hanoi, Vietnam
5. Mad Pops – Bali, Indonesia
6. Pietro Nolita – New York, USA
7. Tania’s Teahouse – Dubai, UAE
8. FIKA – Toronto, Canada
9. Kafe Utu – Singapore, Singapore
10. Blue whale cafe – Bangkok, Thailand

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