Kellogg Australia is reintroducing toys into their breakfast cereal for the first time in eight years.

Earlier this month, the company started including children’s toys with specially marked packs of Coco Pops, Sultana Bran, Rice Bubbles, Crunchy Nut and Just Right.

The toy for November is a spoon that doubles as a straw- so kids can eat their cereal then enjoy sipping all the milk in the bowl.

Tamara Howe, marketing director at Kellogg’s said the idea resurfaced following research that showed 81% of mums thought it was a good idea for Kelloggs to do the type of promotion again.

‘We listened to mums who loved the idea of collectables coming back in cereal boxes because we wanted to bring back the excitement of discovering them – like many of us enjoyed while growing up.’

Ms Howe said after receiving requests and positive feedback Kellogg’s decided to bring the toys back.

‘It’s been eight years since we’ve had collectables in a pack. We regularly receive feedback and requests from consumers,’ she said.


‘It was with the requests and positive feedback from parents that we decided to bring collectables back.

‘Starting with spoons, we’re hoping these little discoveries and surprises in the cereal box will bring back a bit of fun at the breakfast table for parents of today and their families.’

Kellogg’s introduced toys in their cereal in the US in 1910. The toys continued globally until 2009.

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