Coca-Cola has today announced that their popular ‘Share A Coke’ campaign is coming back with soft drink bottles personalised for Aussies everywhere!

Hundreds of names have been printed on cans and bottles of coke, including both popular names and more unique ones, so that we can all share a coke with friends and family over summer.

The personalised coca-cola varieties will hit shelves across the nation from today (Wednesday October 2) with names ranging from Josh, Jess and Emily to Paolo, Zhang and Yasmin!

There will also be a variety of nicknames and Aussie slang such as ‘Old Mate’, ‘Champ’, ‘Cuz’ and ‘Legend’, as well as multiple spellings of the same name! So yes, whether you’re Caitlin, Katelyn or Kaitlyn you should be able to find a coke bottle for you.

Of course, you’ll remember the pain if you’re one of those people who couldn’t seem to find their name printed on the side of the bottle last time, but this time around even the most unique names will be included!

That’s because for the first time ever we can actually personalise our own bottle of coke and customer order them through the coca-cola website! So literally no one will be left out.

‘Share A Coke’ launches today in stores and we can’t wait to go and get our hands on ours!

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