Roxy Jacenko has never been shy about opening her life up to the private eye, and she’s certainly not one to be afraid to say exactly what she thinks.

And now she’s making a reality TV show all about it!

For Channel 10’s pilot week this year, Roxy will launch her show ‘I Am Roxy’ tonight, giving viewers an unscripted and very real look into her work life and her personal life.

Ahead of the show’s premiere, a number of teasers have dropped, showing just how real it’s going to get. From Roxy yelling at her hubby about their home renovations, to a very tense work meeting, it’s safe to say that this show is going to drum up some controversy.

One moment from the ads that has already become a major talking point amongst viewers is the fact that Roxy was seen giving her two young kids, Pixie and Hunter, a coffee in the morning.


The moment has sparked a debate about whether it’s okay to allow your children to drink caffeine at such a young age, but Roxy is standing by it.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Roxy explained exactly why she decided to give her kids coffee.

“You know what, look, my life is very different,” Roxy explained. “I get home at like seven o’clock at night which is basically when most kids of their age, Pixie’s eight and Hunter’s five, are in bed.

“Well they stay up with me and Oli because they want to spend that time with us. You know, if you’re a stay at home mum you have the opportunity to be with them from school pick up to when they go to bed, I don’t have that opportunity. So my kids hours are very different to those of anyone else.”

Roxy went on to say that on most occasions, Pixie and Hunter will stay up until eleven at night. And seeing as her kids stay up pretty late and still have to get up early for school, she needs them to be able to stay awake and alert in class.

“They have a skim mochas of a morning if they need s light pick-me-up,” Roxy confessed. “School fees are expensive. I need them to stay awake at their desks not fall asleep.”


Roxy also pointed out that it’s really no different to a child drinking a can of coke and that she’d actually prefer them to drink a coffee over a soft drink.

“I would rather give them a skim mocha with some milk rather than a coca-cola,” she said.

What do you think? Is it okay for kids to drink coffee?

Roxy’s new show I Am Roxy starts tonight at 8:30pm on Channel 10!

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