Yesterday was World Chocolate Day and M&M’s treated us to the most delicious news of all.

Pretzel M&M’s are FINALLY coming to Australia and it’s honestly life-changing news for anyone who’s a fan of a solid sweet and salty sensation. 

The new chokkie will have little itty bitty chunks of pretzel covered in the classic M&M chocolate and crispy sugar shell. 

And to make you feel EVEN BETTER about buying them, they’re going to be home-grown!

Yup, they’ll be made at the MARS/M&M factory that’s currently in Ballarat (When are they going to give away some golden tickets so we can get inside that chocolate factory!)

You’ll be able to get Pretzel M&M’s from the 13th of July at Coles. 

The price isn’t set yet, but I’m gonna go ahead and assume it’ll be similar to the current bags of M&M’s available!