Already popular in Korea, poop-themed cafes are now making their way to Canada. Yep, a “Poop Café Dessert Bar” is opening in Koreatown in Toronto – and let me tell you, it’s not for the faint-hearted.

In a bid to make poop “cute”, college student Lien Nguyen’s cafe will offer an all brown menu, in – you guessed it – the shape of human poops.

She said she first discovered the concept when she was visiting her mother in Taiwan a few years ago. “We checked out a toilet-themed restaurant and I just loved it,” she said.

“It’s funny to put food and poop together; it’s a great comparison. It stayed in my mind for a long time. As soon as I finished school, I said, ‘OK, I’m going to bring the restaurant to Toronto.’”

The culinary management graduate said the menu will offer traditional Thai, Japanese and Korean desserts like patbingsoo (red beans with ice), as well as chocolate ice cream.


The cool part is she’s getting the punters involved, too! Canadians will be asked to vote on the names before the menu is finalised.

Diners will sit on fake toilets and eat their food out of lavatory and urinal-shaped dishes.

“[It’s] considered very disgusting, [something] you can’t talk about when you’re eating,” she told the Toronto Star. The cafe is inspired by a restaurant called Modern Toilet, which has shower heads on the walls, plunger-shaped lampshades and toilet-style seats with poo-shaped cushions.

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