As the panic buying madness continues in shopping centres around Australia amid the coronavirus pandemic, Australian police have announced that they will be out in force to make sure everyone remains safe.

Officers will now be patrolling the aisles of our supermarkets in the latest attempt to stop people from fighting over products.

Police have also been seen monitoring the long queues of people as they line up to get into the supermarkets to ensure the safety of both shoppers and staff.

Ellenbrook Police posted a photo on Twitter yesterday, showing a police officer taking a selfie in the toilet paper aisle at a local Coles.

“Toilet paper patrol at Coles Ellenbrook, keeping our elderly citizens safe,” they wrote in the caption.


NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Jeff Loy has said that the extra patrols are necessary to keep our communities safe as they go about their daily lives and that they won’t be tolerating bad behaviour.

“Despite these unprecedented circumstances, we are working hard to maintain a sense of normality for the wider community,” Mr Loy said.

This comes after several acts of violence have broken out in supermarket stores as people fight over various items such as toilet paper.

During his press conference on the coronavirus outbreak, Prime Minister Scott Morrison delivered a blunt message telling everyone to stop panic buying because it was “un-Australian”.

It also comes as Coles allowed reporters into their main warehouse in Melbourne yesterday, showing us all that there is plenty of stock to go around and if we go about our shopping as normal we won’t have these issues where shelves are left bare.

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