Gone are the days where we can go to a bar and order a stupid pink cocktail with a tonne of fairy floss on top and just feel…WHOLE.

Now we must source other alternatives.

And this distillery in VIC is doing it for me.

They’ve created this gin called BABY and it’s making me laugh-cry because it’s tagline is;

‘Hi, I’m BABY’

And that is just the most ‘internet’ thing I’ve heard in a long ass time.

It’s a hot pink gin that promises that it ‘stays pink when mixed’, which is oooohh ahhhhh.



The brand says the gin’s final scent or flavour is ‘roseberry’ but it’s definitely not too sweet.

At $79.00 for a 700ml or $29.00 for 200ml it’s pretty luxe but it’s also an EXPERIENCE. 

You can investigate for yourself here:

They also have fun recipes you can play with at home! 

So it’s time to call the girls (on zoom), put some make-up on, sip cocktails and talk about dumb sh** again just like the old days.

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