I have AMAZING news, Goodbar is reopening on Oxford St.

I know, I know. It’s been 10 years, you probably don’t even remember it – well you should, and you should definitely be getting reacquainted with it. Why?

Well it’s no longer Eleven, the bar it turned into once Goodbar closed, it’s coming back as the Goodbar we once knew and loved – in September!

The BEST news is that the venus falls JUST OUTSIDE the lockout law zone, making it EXEMPT from many of the stifling restrictions other bars face.

Promoter Scott Robertson says Goodbar will fill the void of classy establishments that are open to punters who are keen to have a drink after a gig or dinner.


“I enjoy a nice glass of scotch and find it incredibly frustrating that as a grown man I can no longer go into a venue and order one on the rocks after a certain time,” he says. So what can you look forward to? The ground floor will be operating as a cocktail bar, while the basement will be an underground club.

Interestingly the team behind the rejuvenation of the venue have decided to keep the original name. “I always liked the actual name itself,” says Robertson.

“It was pretty iconic back in the day and I think enough time has passed to reinvent it and make it our own brand for a whole new generation.” GET EXCITED!

Goodbar will open September at 1-11 Oxford Street, Paddington.

Source: Concrete Playground

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