How many times have you planned to make a dish that includes Avocado and had an absolute fail because the avocado you bought ended up being rock hard?

This conundrum could essentially be thing of the past, because a total hero in New Zealand has introduced a game changing new feature to help curb the stress of buying an unripe avocado. 

Introducing, Freshmax Stickers. They’re colour-graded stickers that are placed on avocados which help take the guesswork out of avo-picking.

They’ll tell you when your avocado is ripe for eating. 

(Image: Reddit)


The sticker has three shades of green.

When the sticker is light green, the avocado is ripe. Mottled green = firm and sliceable. Dark green / brown means the avocado is soft, ripe and ready!

They’re not available in Australia yet, but Freshmax has confirmed to Pedestrian.TV that they’re coming. 

We’re thrilled. 

Because let’s face it, an unripe avocado can absolutely ruin a guacamole lovers day.


Source: Reddit / Mashable

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