Here’s the thing, come closer… I’ll tell you a little secret.

These bars have been sneaking their way into our grocery stores for a while now, I’ve definitely seen them hidden in the corners of some independent grocers late last year…

And I’ve had the pleasure of chowing down on a couple of these on a drive to Wagga Wagga and let me tell you, they aren’t kidding around with the amounts of Nutella!

Nutella’s B’Ready Bars are officially dropping into all our favourite supermarkets and convenience stores as of yesterday 4th of January 2021!

The bars involve a crispy wafer shell encasing a whole-lotta creamy Nutella and wheat puffs… it’s overwhelmingly delicious.

The bars will be available individually or in packs of 6 and can I just say…

Back in our day, if you had an inexplicable hankering for some Nutella you had to make do with one of these bad boys that came with a little spatula to shovel into your mouth at recess.


The kids have it SOOO easy these days… and quite honestly, I’m jealous!


I’d be king of the playground if I rocked up to school with one of these.


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