We love this time of year when we begin to defrost as winter turns into spring here in Australia apart from one particular thing. The sniffly noses, watery eyes and all round itchiness that comes along with hay fever.

But according to a new study if we love a good gin and tonic then dealing with this annoying condition is a thing of the past!

That’s right, science has literally just confirmed that a good old drop of G&T can help cure our hay fever and we have never been more excited for this change in season!

A New Study Says That Drinking Gin And Tonic Is The Answer To Curing Our Hay Fever

According to the study performed by Asthma UK, alcoholic drinks like beer and red wine can often make hay fever and asthma worse due to the amount of histamine and sulphites they contain.

On the other hand, clear spirits such as gin and vodka can help sooth the harsh and uncomfortable symptoms of these allergies because they have a low histamine content.

Gin in particular also contains zero sulphites, so it is a particularly helpful drop for those suffering itchy eyes and a dripping nose.


Of course, to be clear the study isn’t saying that sucking down a heap of gin and tonics will cure your hay fever in the sense that the symptoms will disappear forever.

But instead it’s saying that if you are experiencing the symptoms of hey fever, a gin and tonic can definitely help make you feel better!

So if you’re on a night out and can’t fight away the sniffles, then forget pulling out the tissues every few minutes! Simply head to the bar and order gin and tonic! 

Bottoms up! 

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