If you thought 2016 could get any worse, it just did. A new study has linked white wine consumption to an increased risk of skin cancer. According to a study from Brown University Warren Alpert Medical school, white wine drinkers have a 13 per cent increased chance of developing skin cancer by merely drowning their sorrows each night. 

The study examined the habits of over 200,000 participants over an 18 year period, looking at their drinking habits, residences and healthy history, which included tanning and sunburning. It observed who had developed invasive melanomas over the period. The study concluded that statistically one drink of alcohol a day will increase your chances of developing a melanoma by 14 per cent, while specifically white win drinkers increased their risk by 13 per cent. 

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Interestingly, those who consumed around two standard drinks a day, were 73 per cent more liked to be diagnosed with melanoma of the torso, an area which isn’t normally exposed to the sun. 

Associate professor, Eunyoung Cho, who co-authored the study said a compound called acetaldehyde which is found in alcohol, may be responsible for the increased risk of skin cancer, because it damages and prevents repair of DNA. 

She said while all wine contains acetaldehyde, red win also contains antioxidants, which may make it a safer choice. 

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