The Pegan diet is a hybrid diet – a mix of paleo and vegan eating. That’s right everyone, HYBRID diets are now officially a thing. 

Sports dietitian Pam Bede told that “if followed correctly, the pegan diet can be another way to eat healthily while cutting out sugar and processed foods”. 

The Pegan diet is essentially a leaner version of the paleo diet, focusing even more on vegetables. 

It’s focused on whole, fresh, sustainable foods, like vegetables and healthy fats but also includes some meat and animal products. 

The ultimate Pegan plate should consist of foods that sit somewhere between 55 and 69 on the glycaemic index to avoid blood sugar spikes. 

Some of the food groups involved in this hybrid diet are; plants, protein, Fats and grains, Dairy, sugar, soy and legumes, gluten and some veggies. 

Weight loss is highly likely while eating as a Pegan thanks to all the fibre packed vegetables and satiating fats as you will feel fuller for longer. 



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