We don’t suppose it takes much convincing to tell you that coating fan-fave raspberry lollies in chocolate was a good idea, and the good news is that Allen’s agrees, because that’s what they’ve just released.

Making an early appearance in Woolies, the new combination comes after the success was proven at a pop-up last year. Launching alongside other fantastic pairings like Milkybar Cookie Bites and KitKat Snak It.

Honestly it’s shocking they haven’t released them earlier, considering Allens has clearly known this was a good idea as far back as 2014.

Fans are already giving it the seal of approval, with a variety of snack reviewers (sidenote: dream job) confirming they are absolutely delicious.


The Mini Chocolate Raspberries are available now at Woolies and will hit other stores towards the end of February.

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