What’s a cookie pie? You may ask if you’re not a total fat ass like myself.

Imagine a deep dish pizza but…with cookie dough?

Messina is making choc chip cookie dough pies topped with a hazelnut crumble that’s ‘supposed’ to serve two – six people but let’s be honest…

Firstly there probably isn’t that many people in your home right now.

Secondly, you’re going to eat the whole thing yourself because you clicked on this article which means you ARE a total fat ass like myself.

It’s ‘ready-made’ to be baked yourself so your home can be filled with wafting buttery cookie smells that will make your neighbour jealous and you can eat it all warm, fresh and gooey. 



There is always a catch, nothing in life is free hasn’t your mum told you??

You have to spend $32 ordering from Messina through Deliveroo after 5pm Friday April 17th, which sounds sh** BUT….

You’re gonna need some cold ice cream to top that pipin’ hot cookie pie and I’ve heard rumours that Messina does good gelato…

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