I’m very much of the view that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

And I think most of the world could probably apply that way of thinking to the good ol’ fashioned Big Mac.

It was created in 1967 and has maintained its reign as one of the best and most loved burgers the world has ever seen.

So, why the EFF am I reading that people are messing with it?

And not just people, McDonalds themselves!



The food giant has launched a Big Mac with Sriracha, a spicy sauce made with red chilli and garlic, usually found in Vietnamese and Thai food.

They’re serving it in 126 stores in Columbus, Ohio, where McDonald’s usually like to test out their products before deciding to roll them out to other restaurants around the world.

SO the change could be COMING HERE!

While some people have responded with heart eyes emojis galore, others claim it is ‘vomit-inducing’.


A spokesperson told BuzzFeed: “This is a milestone for McDonald’s.”

Most of the responses are from McDonald’s fans disgusted that the Big Mac would be messed with by the spicy sauce.

And plenty are hoping the original recipe is staying put – and that the Srirachi one doesn’t catch on.

Source: Mirror.co.uk

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