Macca’s have been going big on the celebrations in recent weeks, you might have heard about the 50 cent Big Macs on offer in celebration of the burger’s 50th anniversary?

Well, this might be even more exciting than cheap-as Big Macs!

Macca’s have announced that they’re bringing back two of their classic burgers as part of the celebrations.

From Wednesday, the Mac Jr and the Grand Mac will both be reappearing on the burger board in McDonald’s around the country.

If you’re not familiar, the Mac Jr is the smaller, single-patty version of the Big Mac, while the Grand Mac is the big boy burger with a bigger beef patty than the traditional Big Mac.

And the cutest part? They’re calling it the return of the nation’s favourite burger dynasty – The Mac Family. Which is hard to argue with really.

The Mac Family will be available from Wednesday 23rd June at 10:30 am at Macca’s restaurants around the country.

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