It’s all over for your waistlines….

If you live in Sydney, then I’ve got some news for you!

Thanks to Cannoli Rush, you can literally get boxes of fresh cannoli delivered straight to you.

The store has been around for over 35 years now, but brothers Matt and Jordan Marchetta have only recently started the delivery service since February this year!

The delivery fee is a flat rate of $9.90, which is NOTHING, when you could be getting this box of goodies.

Love Is Blind Cannoli Gift Box –

You can get individual cannoli in small and large sizes for a little treat, or just go all out to be honest and order a whole box!


Like honestly, look at this Biscoff Cannoli Box…..

Get Your Biscoff Cannoli Box –

or this Father’s Day one which includes a bottle of JD for your old man.

Father’s Day Cannoli Box –

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? It truly brings a tear to my eye.

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