We say to expect the unexpected here on the Kyle and Jackie O Show and that’s because you really never know what you’re going to get!

One day we’ll have mega star and Miley Cyrus’ BF Cody Simpson take over the show. The next we’ll be taste testing samples of water from different suburbs in Sydney.

Today was the latter. Yep seriously, we took water from different spots across the city to find out which one tasted the best. Riveting stuff. (Kyle certainly wasn’t too thrilled about doing it…)

Now we know what you’re thinking. It all comes from the one spot right? So why would it actually taste any different whether you get it from Bondi or Parramatta?

Well it turns out that it actually tastes pretty different! According to Kyle and Jackie O anyway.

Basically what we did is we got our staff to bring in samples of water from the taps at their various homes from around Sydney and got Kyle and Jackie to do a blind taste test of each one.

The locations were:


– Bondi/Eastern Suburbs
– Wetherill Park/Western Sydney
– Northern Beaches
– Blue Mountains
– Central Coast
– The Shire
– Punchbowl

And the results may just surprise you! Check out Kyle and Jackie’s water taste test and find out which one wins the title of tastiest water in the video above!

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