It’s super tough to start your day without some sort of caffeine. Ask literally anyone.

But of course, in a world when we’re trying to cut down on all the bad stuff in our diet, it’s hard to find a way to get our caffeine hit and make it healthy at the same time.

That is until now! Forget your sugary energy drinks or milk-filled coffee! Someone has just invented a world first kombucha-based energy drink – a fizzy drink that’s actually good for your gut.

It’s called Remedy Good Energy and it’s come from the people behind Australia’s top selling range of tasty live cultured drinks, Remedy Drinks.

“Remedy Good Energy contains all the goodness and benefits of kombucha including live cultures, organic acids, and antioxidants with the added good vibes and good energy buzz of raw green coffee bean extract, green tea and ginseng for a smoother, more enduring real energy kick minus the nasties,” says Emmet Condon, Co-founder of Remedy Drinks.


“Remedy Good Energy doesn’t contain any sugar or artificial ingredients usually found in traditional energy drinks.

“Until now, there hasn’t really been a healthy, tasty alternative to traditional energy drinks. Remedy Good Energy is a market first and one we think people will jump onboard with having already been bitten by the Remedy booch bug.”

The Remedy Good Energy drink comes in three delicious flavours including blackberry, Kakadu plum and even coffee!

And while it’s healthy, it won’t set you back anymore than a cup of coffee or energy drink would!

This new range of Kombucha is available from Woolworths stores NOW for just $4.50!

Cheers to that!