Many Australians have been living a quieter life throughout 2020 which has meant a lot more home cooking, and thanks to Kmart’s extremely popular Pie Maker, a lot of delicious pastry dishes. 

The original Anko appliance could whip up four delicious pies at a time and retailed at a bargain price of just $29. Kmart fanatics went crazy for them with many home cooks coming up with creative recipes.

Kmart even ran a Facebook masterclass on it!

Now the store has taken it up a notch with an upgrade which will leave customers rushing into the shops – a larger, six-pie maker!

For just $39, you can whack an extra two pies in there which is great for a larger family. The new item hasn’t appeared on the Kmart website but has been spotted in stores and has been described as a “game-changer” on the Facebook group Kmart Pie Maker Recipes, Tips & Ideas Australia.