Have a break, have a KitKat! But this ain’t your regular milk chocolate and wafer snack! The Nestle chocolate bar has just unveiled a new, DELICIOUS flavour and we are 100% here for it.

Known as the limited edition KitKat Gold Bar, this new choccie not only looks incredibly lavish compared to other, average chocolate bars but the flavour is said to be mouth-watering, made with the famous crisp wafer fingers coated in a new, creamy white chocolate and caramel coating.

“We have a lot of fun exploring different flavour profiles, and when we tasted this one, we knew we were on to a winner,” said Nestle’s Head of Marketing Confectionary Anna Stewart to News Corp Australia.

“We’ve ensured we’ve got the taste of the wafer in the finger right with the right chocolate flavour to go with it. This one is distinct because it’s made by caramelising the butter to give it its distinct flavour.”

In case you’re wondering what this white cholcate and caramel goodness will taste like, we’ve heard it’s very similar to Cadbury’s incredibly popular Caramilk chocolate block. But we’re hearing from one food blogger on Instagram that Nestle’s version give’s Caramilk a complete run for it’s money, scoring the new KitKate an 11/10. 


Now not only is this new chocolate heading to stores for you to purchase but if you’re lucky enough to live in Sydney or Melbourne, you’ll actually have the chance to grab one for FREE!

A free sampling day will be held on August 30 in Sydney at Martin Place and on September 3 at Southern Cross Station in Melbourne with 8000 of the golden KitKats available to first in best dressed.

Not only that, but on the free sample day two lucky chocaholics will have the chance to win one of two amazing travel breaks to Tahiti or Africa worth up to $5,000. Looks like it really does pay to be as obsessed with chocolate as we are!

The KitKit Gold comes after the company rolled out a Ruby flavour earlier this year. But we have to say, this one looks like their best yet!

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