KFC have just done the unthinkable, creating a candle that smells of fried chicken. The bad news is, the candle is a limited edition and was created to award to one lucky winner in New Zealand. The good news is they can make them! 

KFC took to social media to inform their loyal customers of the epic prize. The post read: “What better way to light up your nights than with a limited edition KFC scented candle. Keen?”

Users were asked to recommend one piece of KFC merchandise they’d like to see the takeaway store release. The page was inundated with entries and comments, asking where they can get their own KFC scented candles. Ummmm… I think you guys might already have your answer….

The lucky winner was Shiz Irani, who suggested KFC should release stamps ‘because the Colonel always delivers.’

The Extra Crispy Lifestyle is extravagant but every time it rains I think about living in a regular non-sand mansion.

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Nice! Enjoy your candle.