Jackie has never really proclaimed to be well versed in the kitchen but regardless her latest cooking faux pas is one that has to actually be heard to be believed.

During the show opener Jackie made an admission about her latest cooking attempt to make the perfect cake that left all of us in complete shock.

In the Kyle and Jackie O office, Shivering Adam’s mum is known as the show cake master, often baking the team delicious cakes.

While we always wondered how she managed to get them so delicious and perfect every time, Adam admitted that they’re just made from your typical Greens cake packet mix, giving us all hope that we too could cook something of similar greatness.

And so despite her limited success in the kitchen in the past, Jackie decided to give it a go and purchased the exact same cake mix, hoping to get the same delicious result.

But alas, this wasn’t the case.

“I bought the same packet right, and I’ve done this twice now, the Greens one, and ‘ve been baking these cakes for Kitty with her and I can’t understand why they aren’t baking correct,” Jackie told us this morning.


“It basically, no matter how long you put it in there for, it’s just liquid in the middle… And I couldn’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.”

Kyle listed off a number of things – was she cooking it for long enough? Had she set the temperature correctly? – But none of these things were the issue.

No, it turns out that Jackie hadn’t been actually using the correct utensils and instead of placing the cake mix into a cake tin, Jackie had been accidentally using a DOG BOWL!

“I’ve now found out what it was,” she continued. “I wasn’t using a baking tin. I was using a dog bowl.

“But the dog bowl does look like a baking tin!” she continued in her own defence. “It’s for like a big Alsation, you know it’s one of those metal big bowls…And it was in the draw with a baking rack.”

Oh dear… Maybe stick with Uber Eats next time Jackie!

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