Does anyone else feel like we’re still stuck in that weird period between Christmas and New Year where you don’t know what day or time it is and there really is just no concept of time?

That’s how life in isolation has felt for most of us tbh and we don’t necessarily hate it. Have a nap at 9:30am? We’re down for it! A glass of wine at midday? Fill ‘er up!

So really we shouldn’t be all that surprised by what Jackie O scrounged up for her breakfast this morning…

But Kyle almost fell off his chair from shock as he watched his co-host walk across her webcam from the kitchen, carrying none other than a whole lobster and some oysters… AT SEVEN IN THE MORNING!

“What is that you’re eating there? What is that?” Kyle asked.

“Oh you’re going to make me look bad on air!” Jackie laughed.

“No, I’m looking at the time, it’s six past seven,” Kyle continued.


“Yeah it’s my breakfast!”

“I just saw you put a plate to the side there and it looks like, I only saw a glimpse of it, and it sounds ridiculous, but to me it looks like a plate of oysters and and a giant lobster ready to eat. Is that true? That can’t be right.”

Jackie burst into laughter before admitting the truth. “That’s true. That’s what I’m having for breakfast,” she said.

And to make matters a little worse, they weren’t even fresh! They were leftovers from the night before!

“Where do you even get that at 7 in the morning?” Kyle asked.

“I got it delivered last night. I had it for dinner last night but it was such a massive lobster I couldn’t get through it,” Jackie revealed.


“Who even wants to have lobster just after seven in the morning?”

“Do you know what? I just had my first bite and it’s delicious!” Jackie added.

You know what, you do you girl! We totally support this during self-isolation!

Better yet, go grab yourself a glass of champers to wash it down with? Who cares! There’s no rules in iso we say!

Hear the hilarious moment go down on air below!

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