Rumours around this snack’s return have been floating around the internet for a little while now.

There is mounting speculation that the absolutely iconic In A Biskit range will be making its way back on to supermarket shelves.

The In A Biskit range of snacks, including the superior Chicken In A Biskit, disappeared from our pantry back in 2015.

Aussies have since petitioned the makers of the snack to bring back the snack, with Facebook groups and petitions popping up around the place.

And really, how could you argue with “Bring Back Chicken In A Biskit”? Now, fans of quality snacking have some hope.

Earlier this week, a human-sized chicken (okay, probably an underpaid bloke in a chicken suit) was spotted holding a sign with the hashtag #InABiskitComeBack.

It’s probably a PR stunt, let’s be honest, but who cares. This might just signal the comeback of one of the superior Aussie snacks.


And while the makers of the In A Biskit range won’t confirm the comeback just yet, we’re counting our chickens (in a biskit) before they hatch!

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