Nutritionists are warning a big Christmas day binge could lead you to pile on 1kg in just a day.

While Christmas is all about indulgence, it seems many of us don’t realise that huge effect we’re having on our bodies.  Nutritionists say the average Christmas dinner will clock up around 1,400 calories, which is more than the daily recommended amount for most women. And that’s in just one meal!

The biggest calorie culprit is surprisingly the turkey. A serve of turkey with roast vegetables and gravy can add up to around 1,400 calories. That’s not including the serve of Christmas pudding, mince pies and of course alcohol. 

たこ焼き器🌟第三弾 おはようございます😊 今日は、「パンを温めて食べよう‼️」 と決めて、クリームチーズ入りの白パン🍞 周りにサンタやトナカイのウインナーや、 野菜を入れて今日の朝ごはん!(朝ごパン) ・ 昨日は、地元でママ友としても仲良し、 スタイル抜群の美人さん、 @miyhhykw 美穂ちゃんに、 お顔と肩のマッサージしてもらいました⸝⸝⸝⸝◟̆◞̆♡ すごく体もラクになってスッキリ✨✨ 美穂ちゃんは、落ち着いた綺麗な風景を postしてらっしゃいます🌳✨ 良かったら遊びに行ってみて下さいね💕 ・ 今日は、末っ子ちゃん保育園のお餅つき🍡 初めてだから、楽しんできてもらいたいな💕 ・ みなさん風邪も流行ってますが、暖かくして、 気をつけましょうね╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ ・ #たこ焼き器#ツリーパン #手作りパン#おうちぱん#朝ごパン#こどもごはん#キャラフード#デコパン#クリームチーズ#クリスマスパン#スノーマン #happychristmas祭りcafe #クッキングラム#デリスタグラマー#おうちカフェ#ウインナー #breakfast #bread#homemadebread #takoyakipan #kawaiifood #christmasfood #コッタ#サンタ#トナカイ #海老フライ

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Leading nutritionist Susie Burrell told the Daily Mail simply choosing a meal of prawns and white fish served with plenty of salad, could save you hours in the gym. She hypothesis many of us would need to spend up to 10 hours sweating it out just to burn off our Christmas dinner.

When it comes to alcohol, she suggests eating first, as you are more likely to consume less drinks which are high in empty calories on a full stomach. She also advises not to skip breakfast Christmas morning, and opt for a meal that’s high in protein, such as eggs or greek yoghurt, as it will help you control your calories throughout the day. 

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