If we asked you what your drink of choice is and your answer is without a doubt a Gin and Tonic then boy do we have some AMAZING news for you…A job literally exists that allows you to travel the world and taste as much gin as your body can handle all while getting paid for it!

Popular gin brand Bombay Sapphire and hospitality firm Inception Group have joined forces to hunt down the perfect candidate to take on the role of what they call the “World’s most desirable job”. The position title is global ambassador and it will see the successful person sent on a round the world trip to taste test gin!

If you get the gig, you’ll be travelling to Mumbai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, San Francisco, New York and Lisbon between August 2018 and November 2018, and what’s even better is you get to bring a friend with you!

The job has specifically been created to help launch a new bar in Soho, London, Mr Fogg’s Society of Exploration, which has been inspired by the character Phileas Fogg in the novel Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne.

At the end of the world wide exploration, the global ambassador will be in charge of creating their own signature gin cocktail inspired by the various botanicals they collect in each country.

This cocktail will then be served on the reg at Mr Fogg’s in London and what’s even better is that as the ambassador, whenever you visit the bar you’ll get your signature cocktail for FREE!

Of course this job doesn’t come without a few catches and as expected there are some requirements for applying for the position.


According to the position criteria you have to be at least 21, live and breathe all things photography and social media, be adventurous and not afraid to get your hands dirty and of course know everything about the novel that the bar is based around.

If that sounds just like you then you’d best be quick! Applications for the gin-tactic job close August 27. you can send through your application here

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