All millennials out there who are freaking out over the fact that they might never be able to afford a house deposit, Guzman Y Gomez have heard your cries and are bringing the green goods to help!

And no we’re not talking about money, we’re talking about the all important smashed avocado, because apparently that’s the reason why we can’t save our dollars.

Popular Mexican restaurant Guzman Y Gomez are holding a competition at the moment for one lucky avo enthusiast to win a whole year’s worth of free guacamole! Because seriously what is a bowl of nachos or a taco without a heaping of guacamole, amiright?

And well, it’s probably the easiest competition ever to win! All you have to do to enter is to comment on the official post on Guzman Y Gomez’ Facebook page!

The comment has to tag some of your guac loving friends and you’ll have to come up with an answer to the question ‘When do you guac?’ to win. The person with the most creative answer will be given the guac-tactic prize!

The terms and conditions also state that you have to follow their Facebook page and be a member of their GOMEX loyalty program (which you can easily do by downloading the app on iPhone or Android).


But you’d better be quick! The competition literally finishes at 12pm TODAY in celebration of World Avocado Day!! But that also means that if you win, you’ll find out about your avocado success today also!

And if that doesn’t make your Tuesday that much brighter we don’t know what will.

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