The name ‘bolognese basket’ probably already sends your head spinning with pictures of a vessel loaded to the brim with bolognese, as your pasta cravings turn into your latest diet trouble, but over on Slow Cooker Recipe & Tips on Facebook, some lunatic has managed to outclass the most extravagant suggestion we had to fit that name.

Set in a basket of extra-buttery garlic bread, the first step is to not eat all the garlic bread before loading it with the other ingredients. Next up, you’re adding the standard bolognese ingredients; tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, garlic & mince, and of course some pasta (the original uses penne), top it with cheese and slow cook the sucker.

Just looking at the monstrosity has us drooling, and looks like it would be the perfect extravagance for your next reality TV watch party, especially because it looks so much more complicated than it is.

We cannot wait to try this and then regret it for a whole week before doing it all again.

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