Four ’N Twenty have become household names across Australia for their meat pies. But now they’re launching a new product without the main ingredient…

The iconic Aussie brand has announced that they are bringing out a meatless meat pie so that vegetarians can enjoy the pastry goodness.

The plant based, meat free pie is set to be released across supermarkets, service stations and stadiums around Australia in March this year.

It took about eight months to get the recipe right, with the pie’s filling made completely from soy protein. And according to the brand, you won’t even be able to tell the difference between this and a normal meat pie.

“If I hadn’t told you it wasn’t meat pie, you wouldn’t know,” said the general manager of marketing and innovation at Patties Food Group to The Age.

It’s also set to have the same smell, and texture as a regular meat pie!


The introduction of a vegetarian pie has received quite a bit of attention online but it’s generated a very mixed reaction.

“This is great news! I’d love to seem them in party pie size too. Thank you Four ’N Twenty,” wrote one person online.

“Yes, I’m so excited!!!! THANK YOU,” added another.

But not everyone was as supportive about the news.

“Four ’N Twenty why don’t you just call it for what it is… a quiche. That’s it. It’s not a pie, it’s a quiche,” one person commented.

“Why don’t they invent pastry made our of meat instead so we can have meat wrapped in meat and avoid bloody plants altogether,” another added.


Someone else questioned whether the news was an early April Fools Joke.

What do you think about the introduction of a meatless meat pie? Do you really think it could taste exactly the same? We guess we’ll have to try one to find out!

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